Why You Should Purchase New Gutters for Your Brick and Stone Exterior Walls

If you choose to coat the outside walls of your home with brick and stone, you probably know how much of an investment the project can be. Brick and stone exteriors are beautiful, durable and stylish. You will have lots of fun blending the colours, shades and shapes of brick veneers and stone.

However, these materials cost much more than other types of exteriors. And with such a long-term investment, you need to take adequate steps to protect the home. Gutters prevent water damage to your exterior walls by redirecting rainwater into the ground. Without properly functional gutters, your precious brick and stone exterior will become damaged over time.

Here are important reasons why you should purchase new gutters after installing a brick and stone exterior. 

1. Prevent water damage

Gutters do much more than simply drain rainwater into the ground. They also prevent such water from dripping onto your exterior walls. As durable as brick and stone walls are, they can slowly erode due to constant water exposure.

The binders that keep the wall together may eventually become washed away and cause stability issues moving forward. Water can also stain your beautiful brick walls and make the home appear old and worn out. Gutters prevent such damage from occurring.

2. Boost kerb appeal

Newly installed gutters also give your home a matching facelift, especially after installing a brick and stone exterior. You can choose from many different types of gutters to match your current theme. For example, seamless gutters blend well with your outside walls and give off a matching, free-flowing look.

Aluminium gutters can also be coated with colours that complement your brick and stone walls. With new gutters, you have an excellent opportunity to boost your kerb appeal.

3. Allow for the free flow of air

Apart from being durable, bricks also offer unique benefits to the home. For example, they act as excellent insulators and purifiers. They can purify incoming air to remove dirt, debris and allergens. However, this filtering capability can be interfered with if water is flowing freely down your outside walls.

The moisture from water can cause clogging, dampness and the growth of mould or mildew. Gutters prevent this problem by channelling rainwater along its proper path. And with new gutters installed, you don't have to worry about damaged downspouts or clogged gutters. This in turn allows your air filtering bricks to continue working efficiently.