How Professional Roofers Determine How Much You Should Pay for a New Roof

Even though some roofs last longer than others, all roofs have a limited lifespan. If your existing roof is deteriorating, a roof replacement is inevitable because no amount of repairs or restoration work can bring it back to its original condition. 

One of the main concerns you may have before embarking on your roof replacement is the cost of the project. Replacing an old roof isn't a cheap project, so you'll want to get your finances in order before getting started. 

While the cost of a roof replacement can vary greatly, roofing contractors usually consider the following factors when quoting projects.

New roofing material costs

Replacing your current roof means you'll need new roofing material. There are several kinds of roofing material options to choose from. Roofing material costs can vary greatly depending on the type of material you choose for your home.

Asphalt shingles are a popular option for many Australian homeowners because of their affordability. If you want to give your home a high-end look, be ready to pay more for premium roofing options such as slate, cedar wood shakes and architectural shingles. 

Roofing labour costs

Roofers also consider the cost of labour when quoting your roof replacement job. 

Unlike new roof installation jobs, which only require laying new roofing material on top of a house, roof replacements typically involve removing the old roofing material first before replacing it with new material. As a result, replacing a roof can be extremely time-consuming, and roofing crews expect payment for their time.

When estimating the cost of your roof replacement, your roofer will consider the total cost of labour time spent working on your roof, from the tear-off of the existing roof to the installation of the new one.

The size of your roof may also impact roofing labour costs. The bigger your roof is, the more you will need to pay to replace it.

Site cleanup costs

Roof replacement jobs generate a lot of construction waste. Because many roofers like to leave their clients' properties looking neat and organised after completing work, they often load up the waste from the old roof into a haulage truck to be sent to a landfill. However, they usually charge for this service.

Replacing your old roof will increase the safety of your property and also increase its exterior appearance and beauty.

Contact a roofing contractor to get a quote for your roof replacement job.