When Should You Consider a Metal Roof for Your Home?

Metal roofs may be more popular for residential homes than you realize, and metal might be a good fit for your home, no matter its age or style. If your home needs roof repair or an entirely new roof altogether, note when a metal roof might be your best option over other materials.


A metal roof is typically more expensive than other roofing materials, so you may wonder why a metal roof is best for those on a limited budget. One consideration is that a metal roof can usually be fitted over your existing roofing tiles; avoiding a tear-off job can mean saving on labour costs and any costs for disposing of old roofing materials. A metal roof may also insulate your home better than other materials, so you'll save money on your utility costs.

Consider, too, that a metal roof may last years, if not decades, longer than other roofing materials, so this will reduce your costs for roof repair and replacement throughout the life of home ownership. If your budget is limited, consider investing a bit more in a metal roof so that you can save money down the road.


Metal roofs are typically more durable than standard roofing tiles, which tend to blow away in storms or even during heavy rains. Asphalt tiles can also get very brittle and damaged when exposed to consistent, strong sunlight. Metal may also provide more insulation for your home against heavy rains, resulting in fewer water leaks under the roof. If you live in an area with lots of inclement weather, and especially with high winds, a metal roof may be the most durable choice for your home.


If you take pride in the appearance of your home, you may not want it to look like every other home on the block. Choosing a unique roofing material like metal can make your home stand out and look more expensive overall.

Metal roofs can also be powder coated a variety of colours, so you can have a roof with a blue or red tint, or even something in a white or silvery grey. This lighter colour can break up the look of dark siding or a dark red brick, and even work to deflect sunlight, keeping your home's interior cooler through hot summer months. As long as the metal colour won't create a glare for passersby or cause a reflection onto a neighbour's property, adding this tint can mean a unique roof that makes your home very stylish.

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