Ways a Roof Replacement Enhances a Home

Replacing your home's roof will eliminate the hassle of regular roof repairs. A brand new roof will be largely trouble-free for a long while, only requiring periodic inspections. If you're selling your home, a new roof will surely attract buyers who won't want to pay extra for roof repairs.

You can also sleep more soundly when you know your house is safe and securely sealed from the weather. Plus, a new roof won't have gaps and holes that allow annoying pests to enter the crawl space and possibly cause damage to your home.

Two vital aspects of a home are its appearance and energy efficiency. A roof replacement will also help with both of these, as explained below.

More Attractive Appearance

One of the greatest changes you can make to your house's appearance is to replace the roof. The roofing gives your house more texture and adds colour to the facade. You can completely make it over into something different. For example, if your house has traditional terracotta tiles, you could install a dark grey colorbond roof for a fresh look. Of course, the hue will need to match the walls.

You could alternatively change from metal to tiles. However, terracotta, concrete and slate tiles are typically heavier than metal when covering an entire house. So the building will need to have enough structural strength to bear the material's weight.

To get ideas for a roof colour to match the wall colour, you could drive around your neighbourhood and look at similar-style homes. Of course, you may love your house as it currently is but want it refreshed with the same cladding during a roof replacement. That way, you'll have an improved version of your current home.

More Efficient Home

Technology is improving all the time. So if you use modern roof cladding, it will probably be more energy efficient than what is currently protecting your house. You can use this opportunity to pick options that will keep your home more comfortable all year round without needing as much air conditioning and heating.

For example, pick cladding covered in reflective pigments that bounce the sun's heat away. That way, your home's rooms will remain naturally cooler in summer. The contractors could lay reflective insulation underneath tiled cladding, which will also help repel radiant solar heat. The roof's colour also affects how a building handles hot weather. Paler shades reflect more heat than darker colours do. So bear this in mind when choosing the new colour.

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