Does Your Roof Need Gutter Repairs? Here's What to Look Out For

Rainwater is an essential natural element, but it can wreak havoc in your home if not controlled. If the water drips on your home's foundation, it can destabilise the soil, stain brick and stone masonry and damage the siding and wooden exterior doors. Gutters protect your home by directing rainwater away from the foundation and the soil around the house. For this reason, you need a fully functional gutter system to avoid these problems in your home. Unfortunately, just like other roofing fixtures, gutters are bound to wear out over time, and this can compromise their performance. Read on for tips on how to know whether your gutters need repairs.

Look for apparent signs

You don't need to be a professional roofing contractor to identify some common indicators of faulty gutters. As you carry out a routine check of your roof, look out for holes, cracks and corrosion. Also, keep an eye out for dents, unusual bends and any indicators that the structure is sagging or pulling away from the house. Check the nails holding the gutters in place and look out for any that are out of place or missing.

Inspect after rain

Gutters are designed to hold and redirect rainwater; therefore, most people may not notice a problem until it rains. If the gutters are worn, rain or a storm may knock out a few nails and screws. Look out for gutter screws and nails on the ground below the roof. The holes left behind will lead to leakage, and you may notice water dripping along the exterior walls and on the home's foundation. As you carry out the inspection, check to see if there is any water remaining behind in the gutters after it rains as well.

Check exterior fixtures

Water damage on the exterior fixtures is an indication that your gutters are not working correctly. That's why you don't need to climb up the roof to know that your home's structural integrity is in danger. Inspect the paint on your exterior walls. If it is peeling or bubbling, it means water is leaking from the roof. Rotting wood on structures and mould are also telltale signs of water damage. Additionally, if your basement is leaking more than it used to before, the gutter system could be the primary culprit.

When left unattended, damaged gutters can eventually cause your home's foundation to sink and cause a host of other structural problems. Contact a roofing contractor for gutter repairs if you notice any of the mentioned issues.