3 Reasons to Choose Terracotta Roof Tiles

If the time has come for you to replace your roof tiles, then you have a few different options to choose from. If you like the look of tiles and want to stick to this kind of roof, then you should include terracotta tiling in your shortlist.

These clay tiles have a range of benefits. What are they?

1. Better Performance

Some tiles don't always stand up to weather damage or environmental conditions in the long term. For example, metal roof tiles might rust over the years if they are regularly exposed to rain and snow. Some tiles don't cope so well in coastal areas where salt spray can cause corrosion and surface damage.

Terracotta tiles are more versatile; they are more robust in a variety of environmental conditions. So, these products aren't usually affected by sun, rain or wind. They can withstand colder conditions. Ice and snow shouldn't cause them any problems.

2. Thermal Efficiency

While any roof tiles create a covering that protects your home, some don't do much more than give you basic shelter. They don't act as a barrier or holding mechanism for heat, cold or noise.

If your roof tiles aren't great insulators, then your home is less thermally efficient than it could be. For example, on hot days, metal tiles might suck heat in so that your home gets hotter. They may also let cooler air-conditioned air escape through the roof.

You'll find it harder to create a comfortable environment inside your home. Your energy bills will probably be higher than they need to be.

Terracotta has a better thermal mass than some other roofing materials. These tiles absorb and hold heat during the day before releasing it again when temperatures drop. They keep heat out of your home when you need it to be cool but release useful stored heat when things are colder inside.

3. Colour Fastness

While new roof tiles look great to start with, constant exposure can dull them and change their colour over time. If the sun beats down hard on a roof, some tiles will eventually fade and bleach out.

Terracotta tiles go through a baking process that fixes their colour glaze. This process makes them more impervious to sun-fading. So, they keep their original colour for much longer.

To learn more about the advantages of installing terracotta tiling and to see examples of designs and colours, talk to local roofing contractors.