Painting a Metal Roof: Top Tips to Getting It Right

Metal has become a popular choice for anyone who's looking to put up a durable roof. They are a lightweight and energy efficient alternatives compared to other materials such as tiles and asphalt. Certainly, one way of preserving your metal roofing is by applying a paint coating to prevent rusting and corrosion. Painting also ensures that mould doesn't grow on the surface of your roof. The following tips will help you get it right when painting your metal roof:

Find an Energy-efficient Alternative

The paint market has many alternatives that you can choose from. It will be careless of you if you do not take the time to find an option that will help you save the amount of energy you use for air conditioning in your home. Preferably, you should go for elastomeric coating, which is special kind of paint containing titanium dioxide and acrylic. These two components make elastomeric coating both opaque and reflective, which is good for your metal roof.

Seal the Roof

The general perception among many homeowners is that a paint coating will stick to the surface of the roof without a sealant. This is wrong. Just as you use an undercoat when painting walls, you should apply a sealant on the surface of the metal roof before applying the final coat. The sealant creates a strong bond between the paint and the metal, keeping it from peeling off. This enables the paint to stand up to all kinds of weather without peeling off. Make sure that you pay attention to any special requirements when applying the sealant.  

Don't Use Left Over Paint

If you have been doing some painting on your walls, fence and other structures, refrain from using the left over paint to coat your roof. Note that these walls and roofs are exposed to different harmful elements, meaning that the left over paint will not be as effective as a specialised paint designed for a roof. Metal roof paints have unique chemical components, which can make them pest resistant or even fire resistant. Polymer resins are also added to enhance resistance against UV radiation, contraction and expansion in extreme weather.


Painting your roofs offers reliable protection, but it does not render it maintenance free. Every six months, clean the roof using clean water, detergents and bleach mixtures. This should be coupled with sweeping every few weeks to remove debris, dead leaves and other forms of dirt.