Why Roofing Repairs Are Usually Better Left to a Professional

Most, if not all, homeowners try to handle as many repair jobs around the house as they can, to avoid the cost and hassle of hiring a contractor. However, no matter the cost, there are some repair jobs that should always involve a professional, skilled contractor; roof repairs is one such job! There are many reasons to consider always having a roofer address needed roof repairs for your home, even if those repairs seem minor, and no matter the number of tools in your toolbox. Consider why this is the case so you know your home's roof is always in good condition and repairs are done properly:

Materials and supplies

A roofing contractor will usually have access to better products than those available at your local home supply store, as they will work with roofing supplies wholesalers; hardware stores usually only stock items that are best sellers, and these limited choices may not be the best for your home's roof. A roofer will also know the right materials to use for your roof, in particular, taking into account its current materials, the standard weather in your area, the strength of your home's roof, and other factors you might overlook when choosing roofing supplies.

Repair versus replace

Homeowners often don't like to think about having the home's entire roof replaced, considering the cost, mess, and time it takes to have this work done. Trying to patch up an old roof that needs replacement, however, can lead to lots of leaks that cause mould growth in the home. This mould can be very dangerous to your health and can damage the home's framework, and cleaning it or replacing those materials can be very expensive. Having a roofing contractor evaluate your home's roof when it needs repairs will mean knowing if it needs outright replacement, so you avoid that future damage and those added expenses.


After making roof repairs yourself, your homeowner's insurance may not pay for future repairs if the roof or framework of the home should be damaged in a storm, fire, and the like. Some homeowner's insurance policies have clauses that state that any DIY repairs will negate the policy and its coverage, as a poor-quality repair job may make the roof more susceptible to damage from storms and other disasters. This is especially true if your repair work may have contributed to the damage, such as using the wrong connectors that then allowed for leaks and water damage. To ensure your homeowner's insurance is always valid, leave these repairs to a professional.