4 Signs It's Time for a New Roof

Metal roofs are stylish, durable, fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and low weight, preserving the life and integrity of your roof.   Most homeowners hardly ever remember their roof until it's damaged and in need of repair or replacement. Some of the common roof problems like leaks only require roof repair. However, some roof problems are significant and can compromise your entire roof. Don't wait until your roof collapses over your home. Read on for 4 signs that your metal roof needs urgent replacement. 

1. Corrosion and Rust

During installation, your roofer should have sealed your metal roof with non-corrosive agents that protect it from wet weather. However, if the sealing was not done correctly, or the sealing is damaged, your metal roof could start to corrode and rust if you have more than one metal on your roof; the contact between the two metals could result in corrosion. For instance, aluminium and metal should never touch. If your roof inspection reveals that your roof metal may have signs of corrosion and rust, you need to replace your roof as soon as possible. 

2. Stains and Patches on Your Ceiling

If you notice dark marks on your ceiling, it could be a result of a leak within your ceiling. This leak could be an indicator that your roof has been poorly maintained in the past or it was poorly installed in the beginning, or it has suffered damage. Regardless of the reason, the leaking water is pooling in your house and this is a danger to your home. Your first step should be to schedule a professional roof inspection. Your roofer will provide solutions, which may include a roof replacement. 

3. Your Roof Has Suffered Storm Damage

While metal is quite durable and can last decades, storm damage can be random and unpredictable. If your area has suffered the effects of a storm, the strong winds may have blown off part of your roof or compromised the parts that are left. After a storm, schedule a roofing inspection as soon as possible. The report might indicate the need for a roof replacement. 

4. Your Roof Has Suffered Impact Damage

If your metal roof suffers a strong impact, it may end up broken or damaged. For instance, while trees are a great addition to any home, a dead branch or tree may fall on your roof, causing structural damage. If the impact is severe, your metal roof might require replacement.

Schedule regular roof inspection to identify and resolve any roofing problems as early as possible. If you need a new roof, contact a metal roof replacement company.