Is It Worth Getting a Granny Flat DIY Kit with a Flat Roof? Find Out

Originally, the granny flat was supposed to house an elderly relative when they were no longer capable of taking care of themselves. However, the uses of the flats have changed a lot over time, and they are now an addition that anyone can make to their home. The laws that govern the addition of granny flats to an existing home have also become less stringent, and the technology used to design them improved. 

Today, it is possible to get a complete granny flat kit from suppliers and set it up within days. The flats are a great place for a tenant, which can earn you some income, and also, it can help you get tax relief. Here are the four benefits that you will get when you choose a flat-roofed granny flat DIY kit.

The Flat Roof Will Cause Less Obstruction

One of the main reasons people do not like adding structures into their backyards is that they block the light and view and change the flow of the landscape. When you compare a flat-roofed structure to one that has a pitched roof, you realise that the pitch roofed structure obstructs more light and casts a bigger shadow on the backyard. 

The flat-roofed structure, on the other hand, will be barely noticeable. A flat-roofed granny flat kit will protect you from obstruction complaints by the neighbours.

The Flat Will Take Little Time to Put Up

The other amazing thing about the granny flat DIY kit is that the manufacturer already does most of the aspects of the design. When you pick the option with a flat roof, you will be simplifying your work because gable roofs and other complex roof types are a little more complicated to build than flat ones. 

The Kit Will Cost Less

The cost of granny flat DIY kits depends on their complexity in design. Designs that have a pitched roof normally cost more than flat-roofed ones. Getting the flat roof's structure also means fewer materials were used to make it, which translates to fewer costs. 

The Flat Increases the Value of Property

Having an additional structure that can be rented out increases the value of your property. Should you think about selling it in the future, the kit will be a strong selling point.

Just remember to buy your kit from trusted brands and suppliers. They will help you choose the durable and practical addition for your backyard.