Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask a Roofer

When you know your home's roof needs repairs, you want to call a roofer right away. Putting off those repairs can lead to extensive damage and bigger repair bills down the road. However, you may be hesitant about asking certain questions of a roofer. Whatever the reason for your hesitation, note a few questions you should ask a roofer so you know how to keep your home's roof in good repair. [Read More]

When Should You Consider a Metal Roof for Your Home?

Metal roofs may be more popular for residential homes than you realize, and metal might be a good fit for your home, no matter its age or style. If your home needs roof repair or an entirely new roof altogether, note when a metal roof might be your best option over other materials. Budget A metal roof is typically more expensive than other roofing materials, so you may wonder why a metal roof is best for those on a limited budget. [Read More]

Misconceptions About Differences Between Stick-Built Homes and Roof Trusses

Stick-built homes are somewhat traditional in design; these are built with beams and studs that are cut onsite, and then nailed or otherwise joined together. Timber trusses, on the other hand, are large beams that are cut and fit at a production facility and then shipped to a jobsite; these trusses are often left exposed, for an open and grand look. When having a house built, you may have some very common misconceptions about the differences between these materials; note a few of those here so you choose the best material for your new home, and will be happy living there for many years to come! [Read More]

What You Need to Know About Rolled Roofing

If your home or business is in need of a new roof, you may be wondering if rolled roofing is a suitable option for your property. As with other types of roofing, there are pros and cons to the use of rolled roofing, and the more you know, the easier it will be to make a smart decision.  Rolled roofing First, it is important to know that rolled roofing is still a fairly new option. [Read More]