Why Roofing Repairs Are Usually Better Left to a Professional

Most, if not all, homeowners try to handle as many repair jobs around the house as they can, to avoid the cost and hassle of hiring a contractor. However, no matter the cost, there are some repair jobs that should always involve a professional, skilled contractor; roof repairs is one such job! There are many reasons to consider always having a roofer address needed roof repairs for your home, even if those repairs seem minor, and no matter the number of tools in your toolbox. [Read More]

Painting a Metal Roof: Top Tips to Getting It Right

Metal has become a popular choice for anyone who's looking to put up a durable roof. They are a lightweight and energy efficient alternatives compared to other materials such as tiles and asphalt. Certainly, one way of preserving your metal roofing is by applying a paint coating to prevent rusting and corrosion. Painting also ensures that mould doesn't grow on the surface of your roof. The following tips will help you get it right when painting your metal roof: [Read More]

Understanding How a Reroofing Job is Often Priced

As a homeowner, when you're told that your home's roof needs repair or replacement, your first concern is probably going to be about the price. Of course, you will usually get a different price quoted from each roofer you approach, but there are some basics about this job that often affect the price and which can help you better understand how a roofer prepares that quote. Note a few of those basics here, and then you'll be better prepared to have a conversation with a contractor about the price of repairs or replacement for your home's roof. [Read More]